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    Do Compensation and Unemployment Benefits Create a Disincentive to Work?

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    Some people claim that workers' compensation and unemployment compensation create a disincentive to work. What does this mean? In your opinion is there any validity to this argument? Describe any plans you have experienced in the workplace to cope with this issue.

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    I am able to give you a personal experience, since I am actually currently receiving unemployment compensation. This does not give me a disincentive to work, in fact, it motivates me to find a new job.

    Workers' compensation is actually an insurance that people pay into with every pay check. It is seen as a temporary fallback solution if the case arises that you do in fact loose your job.

    For example, you need to work a certain number of full time, insurable hours in order to qualify for unemployment insurance. If you are then dismissed from your job for reasons such as downsizing, layoffs, restructuring and the likes then you could qualify for unemployment compensation. The specifics could be found at this website"

    A person who steal, is dismissed for any lawful reason, who sabotages the company, or is fired for negative reasons will not receive the insurance payments.

    Now once once compensation, a ...

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