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    Managing Organizational Change: Environmental Pressures

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    As a manager, how do you identify the environmental pressures that drive the organization toward change? What is your strategy to influence change in the organization?

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    Identifying the Environmental Pressures that Drive the Organization Toward Change

    A change strategy must be implemented as a solution to a problem or as a way to address a need. It must not be done just for the sake of showing to the public that the organization is just like any organization around that are implementing changes in the organization.

    There are indicators that indeed, there is a need for the company to plan and implement change strategies. Common indicators or manifestations are the tangible ones such as those found in the company's financial statements. These include: decrease in sales, increase in cost of sales, increase in operating expenses, increase in interest expense, and decrease in profits.

    The said indicators may have been brought by external and internal pressures. External pressures may include stiff ...

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    This solution identifies the environmental pressures that drive an organization toward change.