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    How to Implement a Personal Organizational Change

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    This is a case study on Passionate Behavior, how to create passion for your job) this is an Organizational Behavior course # 502 (by McShane. Steven, and Von Glinow, Mary Ann, (2005) 3rd edition). If you feel this topic will not work I can fall back on how to improve communication in the work place?

    I need to answer the following questions. Make-up own company and name.
    1. Who are the stakeholders of these changes?
    2. What is the impact if this is not done?
    3. What leadership style is required to make a sustainable difference?
    4. How will you motivate people to sincerely buy-in?
    5. How can this change process be effectively implemented?
    6. What are some potential consequences/impacts to people involved?
    7. How would you manage this change process, what organizational change in principles would you apply to assure that your organization welcomes the new change?
    8. What kind of evaluation plan could you propose to measure the evffectiveness of this change:

    Recommended outline:
    Background/Organizational Impact
    Methodologies (Introduction to theories involved_
    Action needs to be taken (make sure these are actions, and not pure theory)
    Action plan (provide a timeline)
    Measurements (potential costs (hard and soft; money and people/emotional and ways to quantify your recommendations)
    Conclusion (include your role moving forward)

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    Pinnacles Consulting, Inc. is a middle sized consultant and auditing company. They have the department for tax consulting services, department for accounting services, and department for auditing services. Normally, each department will work separately with their own customers and coordinate with the other departments from time to time. The organizational structure that would best describe this company is the divisional structure, which is formed when an organization is split up into a number of self-contained business units; each of which operates as a profit center. However, key functions such as finance, personnel, corporate planning are provided centrally. The nature of consultant, accounting, and auditing is a hard work, and the employees have to spend their time and effort more than other types of works. They also have to work under a lot of pressure and requirement both from the management level and the customers in order to meet the dateline. As a result, there is a high turnover rate in the company. The company will recruit the new employees every year and train them to replace those who decide to leave. The CEO and top managers are worried about this situation because the cost of training new employees and the cost of losing experienced employees are getting higher and higher. Therefore, they decide to implement the a personal organizational change in the organization in order to increase the passion for their job, which will eventually lead to lower turnover rate.

    The company decides to implement the change management, which is the process of developing a planned approach to change in a company. Typically the objective is to maximize the potential benefits for all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the change. In order to achieve the change management, the leadership style that should be implemented is the achievement-oriented leadership and supportive leadership. The achievement-oriented leadership style will help the company to achieve its goal because the manager emphasizes setting challenging goals, stressing excellence in performance, and showing confidence in the group members' ability to achieve high ...

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