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    Change Agent

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    I need help with the following attach assignment.


    First you need to read the case study entitled, "The Change Agent Who was Supposed to Leave and Didn't." Once you have read the case study, please discuss the questions posed at the end.
    "The Change Agent Who was Supposed to Leave and Didn't"

    The Change Agent Who Should Have Left and Didn't
    Deborah Bloom was a project manager with a Fortune 500 consulting firm. She had an advanced degree in management from a prestigious university and over 15 years of experience in all manner of different projects. Deborah was recruited for the project by the executive of the organization. Deborah and the executive worked out a plan whereby Deborah would begin work without the knowledge of the organization and test whether or not that organization was ready for the major change that the executive thought would be necessary within a short period of time.
    Deborah made her survey and met with the executive and together they agreed that the organization was ready for the change and that Deborah should be the change agent.
    The executive of the firm went on a long holiday and also added to that holiday a stint at a local university where the executive participated in numerous executive workshops.
    Deborah and the executive's second in command executed a contract stating exactly what Deborah was expected to do, what the change would be, what constituted success and the timing in which the change should take place. The second in command then introduced Deborah to all of the employees of the organization in which the change would take place. The second in command also notified the employees that the change was coming and did, to the best of his ability, describe what some of those changes would mean to the group. Not the least of these changes, the fact that over 25% of the organization would be laid off, was taken with extreme displeasure by the assembled employees.
    Deborah then addressed the organization and after making it clear that she was in command, she then asked for ten volunteers, out of the group of 100 employees, to assist her. She told the assembled 100 employees that she would be interviewing each of the volunteers and from those volunteers she would select the ten that would be her immediate assistants.
    When Deborah got back to her office at the appointed hour of the interviews of the volunteers she found that over 50 of the 100 employees had volunteered. She interviewed each of the 50 and selected ten that she thought would be the best.

    These resources turned out to be exceptionally good. They had an in depth knowledge of all of the different parts of the organization, its workings, and where economies were long over due.
    Together with her group of resources, Deborah planned the change. As a project manager of great experience, she used all of the tools, techniques, and models available to her. She selected a strategy for how to implement the change and on the day that the change was to be implemented she began the process of implementation.
    The implementation went flawlessly. It was planned for a three week period, during which dual (mirrored) systems continued to keep the operation running while the new systems, applications, processes and procedures were installed and brought online. Once the implementation and evaluation was completed, it was found that no revisions were required. In evaluating the success criteria were found to be 100% met, that is to say Deborah had met all of the success criteria that she was contracted to achieve.
    It was the moment for Deborah to leave, but she didn't. The executive reemerged from his vacation and educational sojourn and convinced Deborah that with such a stellar performance and with the assistance of long-term employees, she was an asset not to be released from the company. Deborah, knowing the risks that the change agent faces when not removing the negative energy from the organization caused by the change, did not accept the position. The executive was persistent and continued to raise the ante until it got to a point where Deborah could not in good sense refuse. She accepted the offer and joined the firm.
    One of the first things that the executive did upon his return was to address the remaining employees and inform them that Deborah, because of her excellent performance as change agent and project manager in the recent change, had been retained at a fairly senior management level and would be playing a key role in the new, changed organization. There was surprise and there was a great deal of applause. It appeared that the change agent, now manager in the group, had a great many friends and a great deal of respect among the employees that remained.
    Six months after Deborah took on her new position in the organization which she had helped to change she was fired from her job. Although it never came to pass, there were discussions about whether or not charges should be placed against her. It was rumored, though never proven to where the police became involved, that a great deal of goods had been stolen and an excessive amount of pilfering of funds through false invoices and shipments to unknown warehouses had taken place. All of which, circumstantially, pointed to Deborah as the culprit. When she was given the opportunity to either make a speedy exit from the company or face charges Deborah chose to leave. _____________________________________________________________________________________ - 3 -
    Questions to be answered in the case:
    Was Deborah a thief?
    Was Deborah framed by those employees who applauded her acceptance of a job in the organization?
    If she was in fact framed, why was she framed?
    By whom was she framed and for what reason?

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