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Agent of Change

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A change agent is an individual who influences clients' innovation decisions in a direction deemed desirable by a change agency. In most cases a change agent seeks to secure the adoption of new ideas, but he or she may also attempt to slow the diffusion process and prevent the adoption of certain innovations.

Could you assist me with explaining if you were a change agent, attempting to market a new food product, what choices would you make? Why? How can a change agent maximize the adoption of a change taking in the notion of human variability? What type of food would you like to see changed? Why?

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If I were a change agent attempting to market a new food product, I would first seek to influence my client to develop a food product that is both tasty as well as nutritious, and that would appeal to individuals of every age group. This would help to ensure that this food is aligned with the desires of the health-conscious consumer, which would increase the likelihood of this new food product being a success among individuals of all walks of life. One of the first choices that I would make would be the means by which to communicate the availability of this new food product to the public. I would choose to seek to influence my client to utilize a methodology ...

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