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Organizational structure :sample question

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As mentioned in unit 1, a successful organization understands the cultural differences in various divisions or branches. It uses culture to overcome management challenges, implement strategic initiatives, and develop business opportunities.
Organizations with an exceptional culture are usually run by leaders who understand and practice effective cultural leadership principles. A culture or sub-culture that works effectively in one part of an organization may not work well in another. Those who have made it to the top have done so by building a high performance workplace around the corporate culture.
Kenneth Daily has asked you to be part of a special task force focused on putting together a proposal for developing a high performance work culture at Green River.
As a team you should consider concepts examined so far (the unit 1-3 topics) and their impact on developing a healthy culture. Consider what will be involved and how prior recommendations could enhance the culture at Green River.
Task Force Directive:
Step #1
Each team member is asked to prepare a 1 page Word document with well developed ideas for enhancing the culture at Green River. This document should include recommendations for (at minimum) 3 ideas for enhancing the culture. Each recommendation should be well developed, explaining how that idea will enhance the culture at Green River. This should be prepared in Word and copied to the DB so that others may provide feedback. Make sure that you review the concepts within the textbook and provide organizational behavioral terminology that relates to culture. Please provide a good rationale for your new ideas. Your work MUST include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper per APA guidelines. Reports without citations are unacceptable. Your report should contain an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper. You are also welcome to express thoughts regarding your own work culture and inform your team members of the positive and negative aspects regarding your work environment within the DB board.

- Discuss the implications of organizational structure and culture.
- Use effective communication techniques.
- Outline the guidelines of managing change in work organizations.
- Identify the organizational behavior concepts and theories present in real business world examples.
- Discuss the impact of technology on business.

DB 4-5 paragraphs

Focusing on organizational structure and organizational culture, explain how external environmental forces (i.e., competitive forces, economic and political forces, global forces, demographics and social forces, and ethical forces) are most difficult for FMC Green River to manage. Select at least three of the five forces when discussing how they impact Green River's structure and culture.
Use the course material and other materials (e.g., articles, books, journals, etc.) to support your argument. If applicable, include your own personal experience to also support your argument. Use the APA guidelines when citing and referencing your sources.

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//Before writing about the Organization Culture of FMC Green River, we have to understand the essentials for the growth and development of the Organizational Culture. We will discuss about the issue and its importance in the growth of an Organization. Along with this, we will also understand the factors that should be considered by the Organization for developing and improving its culture. So, firstly, we will know about the 'Organization Culture' under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


The paper focuses on the recommendation for the culture of FMC Green River. It discusses various key points, which are essential for the growth and development of the organizational culture. The recommendations include that Green River should focus on the development of its employees, communication techniques, latest technologies and organizational change. The paper describes the platform, which will help the company to manage its organizational culture.


Organizational culture is the concept that defines and describes the values, beliefs, attitudes and experience of an organization. It plays a vital role in the growth and development of an organization. The values of employees and employers are attached with the functioning and culture of the organization. The culture of an organization can be strong or weak. The organizational culture impacts on objective and goals, work ethics, motivational pattern, organizational processes, etc.

//As per the directions, we will discuss about the recommendations for FMC Green River for improving the Organization Culture effectively and efficiently. The Organization has to develop strategies and policies that will consider the employees in a significant manner. You are free to add some more points, which you find suitable.//

Recommendations for FMC Green River

The organizational culture of FMC Green River should satisfy all the needs of its members and their values. Coordination between employees and management is one of the key factors for healthy organizational culture. The basic assumptions and experiences of the all the employees ...

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A company's organizational structure is analyzed. The response addresses the queries posted in 1316 words with references.

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