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Why it is so important to present the organization's interests in hiring?

As a staffing professional in the human resource department or as the hiring manager of a work unit,explain why it is so important to present the organization's interests, and what are some possible consequences of not doing so. ( Staffing Organizations) 200-300 words APA format.

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Importance of Staffing and Presenting Organization's Interests

Human capital for an Organization comprises of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees along with their willingness to perform the job effectively and efficiently. The Staffing Process assists an Organization in recruiting, allocating and retaining the human resource for making the Organization effective in the business environment and provides quality work on behalf of the Organization. It is essential for the Organization to provide the information about the Organization's interests to the employees, at the time of recruitment. It also assists the Organization in ...

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The response addresses presenting an organizations interests when hiring in 325 Words and two APA References