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    This posting addresses personal hygiene in the workplace.

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    What does personal hygiene say about you?

    Do you have someone at work that doesn't display good personal hygiene? How does this relate to 'professional demeanor'?

    Along with personal hygiene, another issue of the last couple years is person's at work with many allergies, and some employees that wear ALOT of cologne or perfume, or hair spray, or deodorant, etc.

    What can be done if this is an issue where you work?

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    Personal hygiene says a lot about you as a person, and is also used in society, in general, as a means of judgment. When someone has good hygiene skills, it non-verbally communicates that the person takes interest in themselves, as a reputable member of both society and the business world. Good hygiene represents a strong interest in the self, and also tells others that you are at a social level that demands respect for who you are, as well.

    In the business world alike, if an employee, colleague or associate does not display proper hygiene, it can affect the actual work environment. Employees do not care to be around, and work closely with others who don't have personal ...

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