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Starbucks Article Analysis

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As quickly as possible, I find an article and have a few questions answered.

My case is on Starbucks and the article has to be scholarly. This means that authors' names need to be listed with degrees, titles or other credentials, etc. The article must be more than 5 pages, have references, report on results of research or experiments, have a review of literature, contain an abstract or summary before the article begins. Those are just some of the requires of the scholarly article.

Article Review Format: About 2 pages double spaced

The title of my article is:

The three most interesting points of my article are:

This article enhances our discussion by:

That is all that is required; it is very short and brief but needs to be added to the end of a research paper.
Thank you.

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Please find help and some guidelines related to Starbucks Article Analysis and Starbucks Maintaing a clear position Article in the attached files.

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Please find the article in the attached document and the questions answered below:

Starbucks Article Analysis
Interesting Points of Article
There are several interesting points in the article "Starbucks: Maintaining a Clear Position", which attracts reader's attention to read this article and apply it in their study. Below are the points, which are interesting in the article:
Establishment and Growth of the firm: The first interesting point, which is highlighted in the article, is related to the establishment and growth of the firm. It is found that the first store of the firm was established in Pike's Place Market in Seattle, which sold 30 varieties of coffee beans. After the first year operations, the firm purchased its own roasting equipments and established ...

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This response analyses an article on 'Starbucks' and the main points of articles are highlighted. Guidelines are provided on how to go about analyzing this article.

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