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Business Plan: analyze market and competition and define your customer segment

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Below, find an attached document containing with an idea about a new business....

For the marketing part I have a few questions to you: please provide me some information, but not more than 1 1/2 pages long, don't go to far into details...

Many thanks
- analyze market and competition
- define your customer segment. What differentiate you from your competition?
- Marketing strategy. How to design the product or solution? Pricing? Distribution? Communication?
- make structured estimates for all relevant numbers, make your estimate easy to check, be logical, be creative and check the plausibility...
For my personal interest: what is your opinion about this idea?

Please see ** ATTACHED ** file(s) for complete details!!

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- analyze market and competition
The strongest competition for all private colleges is the state and the state run colleges. All courses at the ca 250 universities and Fachhochschulen are - like any school in Germany - free. You might also say the government offers a full scholarship to everyone. However, students that take longer than the "regular length of studies" (Regelstudienzeit) do have to pay "long-time study fees" (Langzeitstudiengebà¼hren) of about 500 EUR per semester, in a growing number of states. The other competitors are a few private institutions (especially business schools) that charge tuition fees and offer better conditions for students than state financed universities. You do have to pay for your room and board plus your books. After a certain age you must get an obligatory student health insurance (Euro 50 per month) and you always have to pay for some other social services for students (Euro 40-100 per semester). Often this includes free public transport in and around the university town. There are cheap rooms for students built by the Studentenwerk, an independent non-profit organization partially funded by the state. These may cost Euro 150 per month, without any food. Otherwise an apartment can cost you Euro 500, but often students share apartments by 3 or 5 people. Food is about Euro 100 (figures for 2002).

- define your customer segment. what does differentiate you from your compet.
Your target segment would be those students who want high quality professonal educationare that would be targetted at growing industries, having high job potential and recognized abroad.There are no university-sponsored scholarships in Germany, but a number of private and public institutions hand out scholarships, usually to cover cost of living and books. Moreover, there is a law (Bafà¶g = Bundesausbildungsfà¶rderungsgesetz) that sees ...

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