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The Greatest Security Threat to an Organization & IT Ethics

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Please briefly describe what in your opinion the greatest security threat to an organization is, and how it can be mitigated or controlled. Also, what is or are the primary ethical issues facing or organizations in the use of corporate IT/IS resources.

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The greatest security threat to an organization is the threat of malicious computer attack. Technology has come to play such a large part in the business environment. Organizations have made use of the newest technologies that have been developed. The newest databases are larger and more complex than ever, which is advantageous to the company. It allows the company to do more in a more efficient manner. The organization can now store almost 100% of their data and come as close as possible to being a paper-free organization. This improves sustainability by helping the environment, and it also contains as much data as possible to the computer system.

The types of information now being stored on the database are limitless for organizations. The main information stored includes ...

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The solution thoroughly describes the greatest security threat to an organization, how it can be mitigated or controlled, and identifies the primary ethical issues facing IT/IS resources.

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In this assignment you are expected to fill out the following table in a document:

Security Threat
Description of the security threat and its impact to organizations. Provide an example.
What can organizations do to keep their information secure from each threat? Make sure you discuss both: technology tools (software or hardware) as well as the organizational strategies (policies, leadership, training, etc.).

Computer Virus
Example of a Computer Virus:
Technology (software, hardware):
Organizational strategies (policies, leadership, training, etc.)
Any other threat

Please help me to start this paper as I am at a loss for where to begin. I understand what spyware and malware are but have never heard of a sniffer or a trojan.

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