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    Project Manager on a High Visibility Project

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    Here's the scenario:

    You're the project manager on a high visibility project for the VP of Marketing. You've just asked your manager for another marketing analyst. He's ecstatic. You just found a place for Herb. As he mentions Herb's name, you feel dizzy. You're sure you'll faint. (Dying is the easy way out).
    You see, Herb is the office slacker. He starts with breakfast in his cube. Then he has to stop by everyone else's cube to chat and see if they've seen the latest Dilbert cartoon on the 'Net'. Whoa, it's time for lunch! Afternoons are no better.

    What are you going to do?

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    The professional thing to do would be to ask your manager if they really think Herb is right for the job. Other than complain about ...

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    The role of a project manager on a high visibility project is examined.