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Project Management Challenges

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What do you consider to be two key challenges for software project managers? Explain your answer.
(Provide references to the work and comment it + a personal conclusion to the work, length of 500 - 750 words. References do not count to the wording count)

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Challenges for Software Project Managers
The challenges for the software project management are quite different from the challenges faced by traditional/conventional project managers. It is because the software project are generally performed by the dispersed team and there is high demand of visibility and transparency by the clients for the project progress, so that appropriateness of the software within the organization could be monitored and required changes could be done simultaneously (Stellman & Greene, 2008). So, one of the major challenges for software project managers are related to the evolving requirements.
This is the key challenge as the project goes at progress stage, the requirements for the software change, which influence the significance of project managers to complete the project timely and efficiently. The client monitors the progress of software projects quite closely to determine whether the newly developed or implemented software will work in favour of the organization or not (Futrell, Shafer & Shafer, 2002). The changes in the business environment and needs of the client accordingly also influence ...

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The key challenges for software project managers are determined.

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