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    Influence culture plays in Somalia's Business Ethics?

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    What influence does culture play in Somalia's Business Ethics in terms of corruption?

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    First you need to frame your response in terms of the cultural dimensions which are foundational to international business. Here is link to help you craft you opening sentence.


    Here is an excerpt of an article on the ranking of corrupt countries across the globe, from Ethics World. It provides the details you will need to craft your response to the component of the question which deals with Somali corruption and its perceived causes.

    "Transparency International's 2008 Corruption Perceptions Index
    Frank Vogl, Transparency International co-founder and Board member writes - Out of 180 countries across the globe, these are seen as having the most corrupt governments:

    Congo, Democratic Republic
    Equatorial Guinea

    Every day, as public officials steal and enrich themselves, the citizens of these countries are dying violent ...

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    According to Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International, "The continuing high levels of corruption and poverty plaguing many of the world's societies amount to an ongoing humanitarian disaster and cannot be tolerated. But even in more privileged countries, with enforcement disturbingly uneven, a tougher approach to tackling corruption is needed."