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Employees accessing Inappropriate Websites at Work

A customer service representative at an electronics store is surfing the Internet using one of the display computers. She accesses a website that shows graphic images of a crime scene. A customer in the store who notices the images is offended. Another customer service representative is behind the counter, using the store's computer to access a pornographic site, and starts to laugh. A customer asks him why he is laughing. He turns the computer screen around to show her the images that are causing him amusement. Is there anything wrong with these activities?

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Yes, there is something wrong in both cases. The number one problem is that while at work employees should be at work. There should not be private activities going on, including surfing the internet. In addition, it is wrong to use public computers to access violent and/or ...

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This solution discusses the ethics involved when employees surf the Internet at work and access porn and violent sites. It discusses if this is wrong, and gives examples as well as links.