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    Effective leadership in a global constituency

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    Read the World Health Organization publication "Eleventh Futures Forum on the Ethical Governance of Pandemic influence

    Research the position the United States takes toward Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

    I need 3 references.

    I included a sample of how I use your info to write my papers.

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    I will provide a general overview of the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan that has been constructed by the United States, but (you) must provide a more in-depth analysis based upon the references provided. This plan is the Department of Health and Human Services response to a potential global pandemic of diseases such as the Spanish Flu, which killed an estimated 80 million people or approximately 6% of the entire global population. This plan is predicated upon a 60-day response to any pandemic, but the pandemic that is most deadly and troublesome for any society is the flu pandemic as it has the ability to kill citizens and disrupt society more than any other pandemic.

    Included within the HHS plan for responding to a pandemic is twelve annexes, and these annexes are comprised of the ...

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