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    Companies who are Socially Responsible.

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    Who are some examples of companies that you believe are socially responsible and who are not as socially responsible as you think they should be? and Why?

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    Socially Responsible Organizations
    Apollo Group understands that to make a commitment to the environment is to make a commitment to ourselves and our future. The Apollo Group is a responsible corporation in that they know that their success is dependent upon the sustainability of the natural resources. As an institution of higher learning, they understand that by educating today's students they are helping to establish the environmental stewards of tomorrow. The Apollo Group has "Gone Green" and has implemented many initiatives throughout their organization. Some of the initiatives they have put forth in the recent years have been their Resource Books. These are electronic books for students which eliminate the use of paper books. The other initiative they have in place is the Online Learning System for on-ground students. This allows the student to submit their homework via online so as not to have to print it out. The faculty syllabi are also placed in this system and students are encouraged to refrain from printing. So effective have these initiatives been that in the Southern California Campus they have started to reduce the number of printers due to the lack of need. Employees are encouraged to visit the intra-net and download the tips for the week and implement them in their daily lives.
    Albertson's Grocery Stores works hard at being a good neighbor. Their social responsibility includes donations within their communities towards hunger relief, youth and education, health and nutrition and environmental stewardship (Albertsons, 2008). Albertson's supports non-profit organizations, provides funds to organizations and programs which pass a certain eligibility test.
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    This solution discusses an organization that is socially responsible and one that is not. Specifically the Apollo Group (socially responsible) and Nike (not responsible).