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Social Investing

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You are a columnist for your local newspaper and you have been assigned to write an article on social investing, a new investing trend that many local investors have been inquiring about. Begin your research by interviewing two individuals for their opinion on the topic (family members are acceptable). Then continue your research by finding credible sources on the topic and write your article. The title of your article will be, Social Investing: Trend or True Investment Philosophy, Investors speak out.

Your interviews are separate from your sources. Make certain you define any money, financial, or ethical concepts you include in your article.

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Social Investing: Trend or True Investment Philosophy, Investors speak out

According to Kent Ninomiya, "Social investing is the deliberate effort to invest money in financial securities that reflect your personal social attitudes while avoiding financial securities that support things you disagree with. It can also reflect religious, political or environmental beliefs as well. Social investing stems from the philosophy that financial support of something is the same as endorsing it." (eHow.com) Companies that socially invest don't deliberately produce products nor do anything that are against the welfare of all and will harm their social image. Instead, they invest on stocks and products that are support their social agenda. They build low cost housing, invest in advancements and improvement in health care, and produce environmentally friendly items. Investors and supporters of these companies who socially invest believe that they contribute toward a better world while getting a return on their investment. Organizations who believe in the significance and benefits of social investing believe in investing for the community so they create low cost housing, invest in non-profit agencies with a good cause, and help out in growing small businesses. Community investing is helping out the local economy by supporting local banks and financing local loans.
Social investing is also ethical investing as this investment philosophy is based ...

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