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    Social Investing: Trend or True Investment Philosophy

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    You are required to write a description of a new investing trend that many local investors have been inquiring about: social Investing. The title of your description will be, Social Investing: Trend or True Investment Philosophy, Investors speak out. 300 words only.

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    Social investment ensures that my funds are not used for unethical purposes. I would not like my funds to be used for exploiting child labor, harming the environment, carrying out drug experiments on animals or for tobacco promotion.
    Individual actions will have a strong effect on investment in unethical industries. They will be able to get investment but the cost of the investment will be much higher as others will also boycott investing in them.

    Will social investing get lower returns? No, my returns will match those of other investors, besides, I don't mind making a little sacrifice in discouraging unethical industries.
    The government should also take punitive action against unethical industries. Personally, I feel that the government should ban ...

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