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SmartMoney: Investments That Crank Out Cash - WSJ.com

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Review the following article from the Wall Street journal:

SmartMoney: Investments That Crank Out Cash - WSJ.com


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Within the volatile financial markets lie many options and opportunities to both grow and protect your assets. Although, by the very nature of them residing in the financial markets, they are neither guaranteed nor always consistent, Master Limiter Partnership's (MLP's), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT's), international bonds, convertible bonds and high dividend stocks are offering investors some new (and not so new) places to hedge their stock portfolio against the current shaky U.S. stock market.

Article Review:

In their article, "Investments That Crank Out Cash", Reshma Kapadia and Elizabeth O'Brien discuss some options for investors looking to hedge their stock portfolios against losses driven by the current U.S. stock market volatility and receive significant income from their investments regardless of how their stocks perform. By looking in the direction of global real estate investment trusts and the emerging market bond funds, strategies previously shunned by any investors, many investors are beginning to realize their worth as sources of cash and counterweights to their stock portfolios. These options concentrate solely upon assets that pay reliable, steady income and, as stated by some analysts, provide "a cushion if the U.S. economy stays shaky".

REIT's and MLP's are two options that trade like stocks, which have been outperforming the average stock market returns as of late. ...

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