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Business Issues and Ethics

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An HR manager is hiring two employees. The top two candidates, one male and one female, are equally qualified and you wish to hire both. You will be evaluated in part by how well you control compensation expenses. As a result, you have both a professional and personal responsibility to pay the lowest salary that is necessary to get the candidate to accept the position. At the last interview, you ask each about salary expectations. The female candidate asks for a salary that is substantially below what the male may not accept the job offer at a lower salary and you know that the female is willing to accept the lower offer.

What do you do?

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In a situation of this nature, I would have to use the information that is presented to me from the candidates in order to make the decision regarding the salaries for each of these individuals. Due to the fact that both of the individuals have been asked what their salary expectations are, and they have both freely given information pertaining the salary that they will expect for this position, I can ...

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Business issues and ethics are examined. Professional and personal responsibility to pay the lowest salary necessary is given.

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