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    Suppose Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins had 17 hits in 50 times at bat, and Freddy Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates was at bat 450 times and got 153 hits. Paul is trying to convince Jamie that the two men hit equally well. Show how you could use a proportion and cross products to see whether Paul is correct.

    This comparison line graph shows the sales and profits of Tacos-To-Go fo each of four years. Use the graph to answer Exercises 31 - 36.

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    31. 2006 is the year of lowest sales. The amount of sales in 2006 is given as 25 thousands of dollars.
    32. 2008 is the year of greatest profit. The amount of profit in 2008 is given as 15 thousands of dollars.
    33. For the year 2005, the sales is given as 35 thousands of dollars and profit is given as 10 thousands of dollars.
    Profit to Sales Percentage=10/35×100%=28.57%

    For the year 2006, the sale is given as 25 thousands of ...

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