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    Zappos' as a company and open systems paradigm

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    Open Systems Theory

    1) What is your opinion to the QUESTIONS below?

    For this initial module of the MBA capstone course, we will discuss open systems theory.

    QUESTIONS????????????Your first task is to choose one of "Fortune Magazine's Best 100 Companies To Work For" (2011) from the following website:


    Be certain that you choose a company that is of great interest to you, as you'll continue to study this company over the four modules. Be sure that you spend some time reviewing your chosen company's website, familiarizing yourself with the company's Annual Reports, 10-K filings, and other relevant information.

    Discuss how open systems theory might apply to your chosen organization.****BE SURE TO PROVIDE REFERENCES****

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    Zappos is a unconventional company that has an open approach to how they conduct business, which has enabled the company to become the largest shoe retailer in the world in just 16 years of operation. The reason that this has ...

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    Zappos' as a company and open systems paradigm are determined.