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    Types of Research: 5 Question Quiz

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    A) __________ is a measure of how much risk to take when reaching a conclusion.
    1. Statistics
    2. Generalizability
    3. Sample
    4. Significance

    B) Which of the following is another term for basic research?
    1. Applied research
    2. Baseline research
    3. Real research
    4. Pure research

    C) Which of the following BEST describes research?
    1. Research is a way to help us organize new information.
    2. Research is a reasonable and sound answer to important questions.
    3. Research is a process through which knowledge is discovered.
    4. Research is asking a question and identifying the important factors.

    D) Research questions can be as __________ as inquiring about the effects of television on language development, or as __________ as content of commercials and teen buying habits.
    1. Broad; specific
    2. Good; bad
    3. General; broad
    4. Specific; general

    E) Which of the following might be considered a level/value of an independent variable when studying the effects of gender differences on behavioral development?
    1. Age
    2. Gender
    3. Behavior
    4. Eye color

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    A = 1. Significance - The majority of research on measuring risk and/or managing risk denotes the "significance" of one variable that has the most weight in reaching a conclusion. For example, in deciding whether to buy a house now or later, the risk of rising interest rates would be the most significant factor in concluding how soon to proceed. If market indicators reflected little to no ...

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    This solution addresses five questions related to various forms of research. Each answer is explained in a concise, yet detailed matter. Topics include measuring risk to reach a conclusion, terms for basic research methodology and factors such as independent variables.