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    Grammar quiz

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    I need help with the following to help get me prepared for a final project

    Directions: For this assignment, you are to create a grammar quiz of 15
    20 questions. Then composed sentences that will challenge others.

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    Here is your grammar quiz.

    Choose the proper word.
    1. Donna saw a cute puppy in the window. She wanted ______ toy tiger.
    a. Its
    b. Thats
    c. It's
    d. Thems

    2. The tiny doll is one ____ moves with the music. The music disc comes with it.
    a. Who
    b. Whom
    c. That
    d. For

    3. That car is loud. It _______ like _____ cannot be _____.
    a. Sounds, this, drived
    b. Sounds, it, driven
    c. Sound, it, drived
    d. Sound, it, driven

    4. Fortunately she _______ the _______, so she ...

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    A twenty question grammar quiz for students to use for practice.