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Training & Development: Transfer of Training

Thinking in terms of Facilitation of Transfer (focus on organizational intervention: supervisor, peer, and trainer support, climate/culture and reward systems), please help with the following scenario:

Dr. Richard Camp designed a three-day workshop on interviewing skills for an executive research firm. In his training design, he incorporated several opportunities to encourage a positive transfer of training. Examine the attached, list each of the transfer of training situations created by Dr. Camp, and identify how each of those situations relates to transfer of training.


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Dr. Camp successfully used each of the transfer of training situations during his process:

Supervisor Support-Dr. Camp had every employee to attend the meeting at one point or another which helped to facilitate support from one's supervisor by including them directly in the process. In addition, a senior manager was in attendance at each meeting to help show the other subordinates the fact that management was, indeed, directly involved and actively showing support.

Supervisor support is a key ingredient to the transfer of training as employees feel that if management approves, then they should invest their own time as they will likely be singled out if everyone else if abiding by what is being asked and they are not.

Peer ...

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The solution examines facilitation of transfer. Situations are examined as to how they relate to transfer of training.