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    Tips for Trainers: Dealing with Difficult Trainees

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    Conduct a search of the Internet to identify tips for trainers in dealing with difficult trainees. Compare the types you find with the types identified in the text. If different, compare those you found with those in the text and offer an explanation as to why you think they were not included. If types are similar, compare how the text and Internet site suggest handling these types, noting any differences and explaining which method you prefer.

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    In Mr. Pike and Mr. Arch's book, " Dealing with Difficult Participants" fifteen different types of participants are identified, the majority of which were not mentioned in the text. Those not mentioned include the bored, the pre-occupied, the sleeper, the latecomer, the know-it all, and the skeptic. Other authors brought up the naysayer, the preacher (Friedman, 2008) and the avoiders (Human Performance Applications, 2008). These were not mentioned in the text most likely due to space or time constraints on the part of the author. Plus, trainers reading the material could summarize how to deal with these personality types based on the types given in the text.

    In addition, many sources mentioned similar types of difficult ...

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    This solution compares the types of difficult trainees trainers may experience and how to deal with them. It is linked to a text attachment discussing difficult trainees. The solution discusses if the tips for dealing with difficult trainees are similar on both the Internet and in the text. APA references are given.