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    three target market countries

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    The CEO has asked you to identify three target market countries and present your choices to senior management. Earlier (phase 1) you had done some preliminary investigation and chosen three countries; now you will work with other members of the sales team to research and confirm the three target countries to present to the CEO.
    Individual Portion: Take the three countries you chose as potential target markets for PM Company (phase 1). Use the Library and the Internet to conduct research and locate background and cultural information on these countries. Using the Small Group Discussion Board, work with the other sales team members to share your research and come to consensus on three countries. Your contribution to the discussion should include these issues:

    What specifics did you learn about doing business in each of the three targeted countries?
    How will this knowledge help PM Company do business there?
    Using Hofstede's five cultural dimensions, what did you learn about the culture(s) in each country that will help you make better management decisions when planning to do business there as well as actually doing business there?
    Finally, analyze how the cultures of these countries are similar and how they differ, and how this information will impact your management decisions.

    Group Portion: When your group (4-6 people per group) has identified three target market countries, work together to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the CEO and senior management. Your presentation should address the following:

    Overview of the countries using the information you discovered during your research
    Benefits for PM Company to do business in those countries
    Cultural factors to consider (the result of your research into the Hofstede cultural dimensions)
    Recommendations for PM Company's business approach in those countries
    Please add your file

    For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab.

    The countries it has to be on our Egypt, Mexico and Australia I need asap with slides please I need by tomorrow morning if possible thank you.

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