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The Characteristics of Different Grades of Students

What are the characteristics of the exemplary, mixed-quality, high-performing, and low-performing students? How can the low performing student improve their performance?

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The exemplary students are typically the ones that no one mistakes as exemplary, because they cannot mask their characteristics. Exemplary students always take notes, always come prepared, spend many hours studying and preparing, and try their hardest as close to 100% of the time as they can. The exemplary student is always ready to ask a question regarding lecture material for further analysis, or to do whatever he or she can to keep their grade and understanding of the subject matter both at the top of the class. This is always an A student.

The mixed-quality student shows really ...

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This solution discusses the characteristics of exemplary, mixed-quality, high-performing, and low-performing students. Methods that can be used by low-performing students to improve their overall performance are also discussed.