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    Public Relations: A Two-Way Street & Techniques-Responses

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    Can you please help me with these questions in this article and video? Below is the link for the article and the link for the YouTube video. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Visit the website for the Museum of Public Relations and view the video entitled "Public Relations is a Two-Way Street". Here is the link - http://www.prmuseum.com/bernays/bernays_video_pr.html

    Write a 1-2 page paper discussing what you learned from the video. Identify the two goals discussed in the video and give an example to support each.

    PART B
    Watch the following video, found below: "Public Relations: Techniques of Public Relations." Respond to the questions: What is the major technique that distinguishes PR as described by the presenter? Give an example of an organization's good use of PR tactics. Explain why you feel as you do about the tactics used. This is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqyqzir6_UU

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    Edward Bernay's states in the video, "Public Relations is a Two Way Street" (http://www.prmuseum.com/bernays/bernays_video_pr.html) that public relations involves advising the client on "attitudes and actions to win over the public on whom viability of the unit depends and the educating, informing and persuading the public on these ideas and concepts. This is much different than most people think. In order to be successful in public relations, a company or public relations practitioner must understand the current climate that surrounds the product or service, and create a creative solution to change this climate and influence customers. An example would be the method that IDEO used with the CDC to target youth obesity. IDEO evaluated the current climate and past actions surrounding youth obesity, and then educated CDC on what they found. Then, IDEO proposed a different concept to CDC, including the need to move quickly and also the need not simply to disseminate information but to be an active leader in changing youth perception of eating fruits and ...

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    This solution includes a paper that discusses what is learned by watching "Public Relations is a Two-Way Street" and also answers the questions in regards to "Public Relations: Techniques of Public Relations". Includes APA formatted references.