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    Promotion case

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    Here's the scenario:
    You're sitting at your desk basking in the late afternoon sun and thinking, "This is a great job. The new product launch is going to be my ticket upstairs." You didn't always feel that way. When Joe left, you thought the team wouldn't be able to finish the new materials on time. But Mary stepped in and your team is doing better than when Joe was the leader.

    Next week Mary will lead the product launch presentation to familiarize the nationwide sales team with "features, functions, and benefits" of the new product. Your manager saw the run-through this morning and gushed to his manager about how good it was. You're glad it's Mary who has the team leader's responsibility. She's great. What a worker! There's no doubt she'll get a promotion too. Life is good!!!
    A knock on the door interrupts your daydream. It's Mary. She looks awful.

    She begins, I've been offered a new job at almost twice my salary. They want me to start next week..."

    What do you say? What are you going to do?

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    Since Mary had great success in her job and there is a possibility that she will get a promotion, the best way to deal with this issue is to explain these benefits and opportunities to her. The other firm may offer a higher salary but there is no guarantee that ...

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    Promotion case is presented for scenarios. Product launch presentations to familiarize the nationwide sales team with "features, functions, and benefits".