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    Project Management Planning

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    1- Define the purpose and mission of team?
    2- Define the team members accountable for the results, those who need to be consulted during the progression, and those who need to be kept informed along the way.)
    3 - Define the skills, roles, and responsibilities of each team member; define who will do what on each assessment.
    4 - Define the major activities and time frames.
    5 - What are our expectations?
    6 - Define all expectations, such as "ground rules," performance, decision-making process, etc

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    1- Define the purpose and mission of team.
    A team needs to define clearly its vision and mission for it to become successful. Oftentimes, vision and mission are misunderstood as one and the same or sometimes, their meanings can be interchanged.
    The vision is the overall core, concise, and defining purpose of what the team is doing. It is the reason why the team is created. It is simply the image of what the team seeks to create.The team's mission defines its process goals and the actions that need to be implemented to accomplish them. It is essential that everybody in the team understand the expected and prescribed goals that are the mission objectives that are very important to reach its vision.
    In developing a team mission statement, take note of the following factors:
    • Make it simple, short, precise and can be easily understood.
    • Describe the people (who), things to do (what), actions to be done (how), and the purpose or reason (why).
    The reason for having mission statements is to ensure that the team and its members have a clear focus of where they are heading. They are short but concise statements and are written and developed for the team members and for others who might be interested in the project.

    Vision statements of projects should also be simple, inspiring and can project the project into the future. Example of a project vision statement:
    The information technology framework will be developed to include techniques, tools, guidelines and instructions that enable an easier approach to decision making on software development project. The team will use a consistent language and terminology as well as a flexible and scalable IT project deliverable list in accordance with the client's needs.
    Sample project mission statement:
    To have an organized, productive atmosphere where the project team plan and carry out their tasks to achieve the team's goals. In doing this, we will use our skills and expertise in performing our tasks to create an information technology framework that will make processes simpler and can help create the best approach in terms of software development decision making.

    2- Define the team members accountable for the results, those who need to be consulted during the progression, and those who need to be kept informed along the way.)
    Project managers need to identify the accountabilities of team members. Accountability is the assumption of responsibility for decisions, actions, and the deliverables. To simplify, in project teams, the ...

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    Research/description and examples on the following topics:
    1. Project team's purpose/vision and mission and how to compose them.
    2. Defining the team members' accountability and a link to a sample project development schedule.
    3. Defining the team manager & the members' roles, and responsibilities in regards to their being a part of a team as well as their responsibilities/work tasks. Four common roles of team members are also discussed. The team manager's role and responsibilities are described, too.
    4. Defining the major activities or milestones and their time frame with links to samples.
    5. How to set and manage expectations in project management with sample stakeholder analysis with needs and expectations.
    6. How to set ground rules with examples.

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