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    Process Improvement: Customer Satisfaction and Logistics

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    1. A key tenet of open systems theory is that the environments in which organizations operate are not static. Customer needs change, the regulatory and legal environment changes, sources of input and costs change. How should organizations monitor their systems, processes, and methods to continue to insure that they will consistently and reliably provide high quality goods and services that meet customer needs despite a changing environment?

    2. Why is process improvement important in an organization's logistics network?

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    1. Learn more about systems theory here: http://faculty.babson.edu/krollag/org_site/encyclop/open_system.html.
    There are many ways organizations may monitor their systems, processes, and methods; however, the first step to insure they consistently and reliably provide high quality goods/services is to:
    i) Realize that change is inevitable and innovation is essential
    ii) Listening to customers/clients, employees, vendors, and everyone in their supply chain.

    The earth constantly changes, moves, and evolves every second. Nothing remains still. If we look around it's hard to conceive that we are moving and changing. The cells in our bodies do not remain the same, hair grows, fluid and air moves and exchanges with each other; people commute; dust collects; insects and some animals move and change around the clock; and the earth spins while the sun and moon are in constant rotation.

    Once organizations are aware of their need to 'change with the times,' only then will those few innovators succeed. As the question states, customer needs change, the regulatory and legal environment changes, sources of input and costs change; hence, nothing remains the same, except for change.

    In the world of business, just like every other area of life, there are those who win and those who fail; those who grow wealthy and those whom are destined to bankruptcy. Polarity is inevitable; and the earth continually balances itself (i.e. yin/yang, male/female, north/south, east/west, rich/poor, and so on), regardless of what businesses may or may not do. The ways in which organizations may overcome is simply by listening or being in tune with themselves, those whom they interact with, and the world as a whole.

    There is a famous quote which says, "Nature never reveals its secrets, it only responds to a method of questioning." When I think of listening, I think of proverbially asking and ye shall receive. Organizations will ...

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    This response explicates how organizations can consistently provide quality service and goods despite constantly changing environments and the importance of process improvements.