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Previous Management Experience

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Review previous management experience that you have had. As this is a personal review, it does not matter if you were managing in a health services organization or some other industry. In the review of your previous management experience, what types of lessons were learned, mistakes made, high points, low points - could they have been avoided?

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The solution discusses the previous management experience.

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For this report, what will be cited are experiences of this reporter as dean in a private university. It was a position assumed by this reporter after having been assigned as a research director in the same university for three years. As a research director, this reporter was able to mobilize the faculty, staff, and also administrators to conduct research. Through the research department led by this reporter, student researches were guided to ensure that standards of quality are met. Such an accomplishment in enhancing the culture of research in the university may have contributed to her being assigned to a new position as dean in the graduate school (when the then current dean in her retirable age) was indefinitely suspended because of some alleged administrative charges.

High points:
As a newly installed dean, this reporter had the enthusiasm to show the department's improvement, especially in the quality of theses and dissertations of the students. Low quality theses and dissertation has been blamed on the previous ...

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