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Planning for family, career and relationships

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Section 7 - Family- Talk about the two boys we are going to adopt and raise to make sure they both go to college and that they both become successful in life from their upbringings.

Section 8 - Career path that I need to take to make me and my and my lover happy! Talk about working for the government to find myself, and end up working for my self since I'm going to school to become a psychiatrist.

Section 9 - Talk about the type of relationship I want.. talk about a healthy relationship I want to be in. How I want to love my lover and support him in everything he does and visa versa. How I want us to be open and honest about everything. How I want my man with me and by my side at all times. How I want him to treat me like his everything. We both need to cater to one anothers needs. Do not want to hear the word 'no' to simple things like sex, stay overs, events we should attend and the people that are in our circle we should be able to control. I talk about how I want true love and happiness. Don't let anything come between love and happiness for one another.

Everything that is in the dream book MUST have the task it takes to reach my goals and to make it happen for all.

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Section 7: Raising Children

The dream of raising two boys with my partner is no small task. It requires stability in a
relationship, to provide the most supportive and emotionally healthy environment for children.
My partner and I will be able to show each other mutual respect and support, as well as love.
Emotionally healthy adults in a loving relationship provide a basis for which children learn to
communicate appropriately. It is important for boys to have positive role models, in terms of
love and support. They will also feel better about freely discussing any problems or issues that
may arise, as they grown up.

Raising boys requires a strong financial commitment, as well s the ability to give them
the time the need with parents. Not only do they require a home with enough space to sleep,
play and work, they require financial resources for the many activities they may become
involved in, such as sports and the arts. Children who develop hobbies or interest become more
well rounded adults and have a greater sense of who they are. There are medical responsibilities,
to make sure they remain healthy or to address any health issues. My partner and I would like to
see that both boys are able to attend college, so they are better prepared for life as adults, with
plenty of opportunities. This takes financial resources, as well as the ability to think about the
future and plan adequately.

Finally, adopting two boys requires tenacity, in remaining strong through the various
legal aspects of the adoption ...

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The expert examines planning for family, career and relationships. The types of relationships for true love and happiness are determined.

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