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    Organization Change: Quality and Safety in Production Department

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    After reviewing the results of the employee survey, the senior leadership team identified several areas for improvement. One of the issues is the quality and safety in the production department.

    The department managers meet with you to discuss implementing a safety and quality process improvement process (PIP) within their departments. You have expertise and experience in using quality processes as part of organizational change and development. However, you want to use the most current and effective methods, so you tell them you want to benchmark state-of-the-art organizational process improvements.

    You research current methodologies and tools for improving organizational performance through quality improvement processes, and you prepare a high-level overview of methods, options, and recommendations for the types of methods and tools that you believe will be best suited to the situation. Remember to tie your recommendations to the organizational change effort being undertaken in the organization. Prepare a report that you can bring to the next department-level meeting.
    Please provide in text citation and references.

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    Running Head: SAFETY AND QUALITY

    Safety and Quality

    Safety and quality plays an important role in the organization in order to improve the quality of products and services of the company. With the help of implementing safety and quality process within the company, managers are able to ensure the quality of products in the market. This report discusses the different tools and techniques of quality process and also discusses the methods that help the managers to improve the quality process.
    Quality improvement process
    Quality improvement process in production department focuses on making the process work better, improving the capacity of process and process redesign. In order to implement quality improvement process within the company, managers should follow some steps those are as follow:
    Define Expectations: In order to improve the quality and safety of production department, managers need to define the expectations of the department. In this, managers provide the information to the employees regarding the quality improvement (Hubbard, 2003).
    Evaluate current performance: In this step, managers need to evaluate the current performance of the production department and also identify the problems related to the performance of the employees and process. This step helps the managers to develop the understanding that what are the lacking areas of the department (Ryan, 2011).
    Select performance improvement target: In this step, managers need to select performance improvement target and set them effectively in the department. This step helps the managers to define the actions that are needed to improve the performance and quality of the department (Hubbard, 2003).
    Analyze the current process: In order to improve the quality and safety of the production department, managers need to analyze the current process of the department and try to ...

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