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    Operations Management : critical path, time & slack

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    The R&D dept. is planning to bid on a large project for the development of a new communication system for commercial planes. The accompanying table shows the activities, time & sequence required:
    Activity Immediate predecessor Time (weeks)
    A --- 3
    B A 2
    C A 4
    D A 4
    E B 6
    F C,D 6
    G D,F 2
    H D 3
    I E,G,H 3

    A.) What is the critical path?
    B.) Suppose you want to shorten the completion time as much as possible, & you have the option of shortening any or all of B,C,D, and G each one week. Which would you shorten?
    C.) What is the new critical path & earliest completion time? (from b's answer I think)
    Please solve using Microsoft Excel & show any work if possible. Thanks!

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