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    Operations Management

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    Corning Glass Works Case

    I need assistance to do the following--Use a decision tree to decide the fate of M&E Division of Corning Glass Works, clearly state the problems, show the current work flow design and any improvements that you may recommend. Show flow charts, etc.

    Clearly identify the problems for the case, identify the firm's current strategy, then discuss what strategy would make the most sense for this firm. Once you decide on the the appropriate strategy-then design a operation management process that will support this strategy, using decision theory--be specific. Include resources required to implement this strategy and expected outcomes (include impact on stake holders, employees, customers, and society)

    Module Topic: Operations Management Strategy

    Textbook: Foundations of Operations Management--Larry P. Ritzman & Lee J. Krajewski.

    Problem Details: Case Study Analysis--Corning Glass Works: The Z-Glass Project

    Chapter topics covered in this module are Management Processes and Managing Technology.

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    STEP 1
    1. The yield is low:
    2. The yield was falling when the M&E department was asked to establish the project;
    3. There is conflict between the M&E personnel and the line staff.
    4. The M&E personnel are perceived as antagonistic and are viewed with suspicion.
    5. The manufacturing staff do not want to cooperate with the M&E personnel, view them as outsiders and having no understanding of the situation.
    STEP 2
    1. There should be greater direct and perceptible support from MacAvoy to the M&E.
    2. The presence of M&E should be explained as a matter of policy rather than that of persons.
    3. Initially the onus for improving the yield should be given to the current staff.
    4. There should be a fixed time frame and resources that should be allotted to the staff to improve the yield to at least 75% and maintain it for a period of at least one year.
    5. If the current staff fails to do so, additional action need to be taken.

    STEP 3
    Current strategy:
    The current strategy is to hand over the project of turning around to the M&E department. ...

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