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    Discuss why a needs analysis is important for creating relevant training

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    Line managers often perceive training as having a low ROI, (Return on Investment). I agree with them in many instances. I would argue that their perception relates to trainer's conducting inadequate needs analyses. Let's discuss why a comprehensive needs analysis that aligns with the competency model is important to successful and relevant training.

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    A needs analysis is supposed to reveal areas of needs and improvements. If the needs analysis is not fully administered, the outcomes will also be limited. This is going to produce a lot of limited or unnecessary training, costs, and unrealized goals.

    A comprehensive needs analysis identifies both the most obvious needs and those that may be less obvious. A comprehensive analysis can help the HR department identify all those training needs that are related to processes and operations as well as those that are more human relations related. Such an analysis makes use of both leaders and employees to identify the needs at all levels, so training can be created that meets both groups' identified problem areas.

    A CNA helps to establish what works and what does ...

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    The solution discusses why a needs analysis is important for creating relevant training.