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    Mexican repatriation

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    Research the repatriation of Mexicans during the 1930s. Write a minimum two-page paper discussing your findings. In your
    discussion, include the following,
    a. Reasons for the process of repatriation
    b. States most affected by repatriation
    c. Impact on the U.S. and Mexican economy
    d. Offer explanations on why the repatriation of Mexicans during the 1930s have been excluded from
    American history
    e. Discussion of safeguards that can be taken to prevent legal citizens from being wrongfully repatriated

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    I have outlined a response using the questions. I also supplied three references, one with excellent information about the overall numbers and situations for you to read. None of them are long or difficult reading. If you have any further questions, please ask.

    a. Reasons for the process of repatriation
    The call began in Los Angeles at the start of the Great Depression, to help put "Americans" back to work and relieve the overwhelming unemployment suffered in the county. The idea spread to San Diego and further into the country after. The aliens were targeted because they were easy targets. They had been recruited by business and most were in the country legally. The most incredible facts about the repatriation include the overzealous inclusion of legal aliens, immigrants, and Mexican Americans born in the United States being sent back to Mexico. The reality of the effort was that between 740,000 and 1.4 million people were forcibly or "convinced" to go to Mexico or face the ongoing threats and problems brought about by the new policies. (These figures vary dependent on the researcher and the study.) These policies included not hiring Mexican or Spanish people for work, including work with government agencies in place to ...

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    A review of the repatriation of Mexicans in the 1930s by the United States using the questions provided. References included.