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Chief executive farm's and grain Mexico Operation

I need your HELP with my power points and presentation. This is what I am looking for: I would like for you to HELP me with what to say on each slide and if possible make what I am going to say shorter, I have written my notes for each slide, except one, which is the Organizational Chart, can you help me with this. You can make as many changes on my slides or make ALL changes as necessary.

Slide # 2 Organizational chart (this one I don't have any notes) can you write some notes for me? I don't know how to attach a file, the information below would be the actual slide:

Chief executive farm's and grain Mexico Operation

TBA VP Field Operations
TBA Purchasing Mgr
TBA Grain & Feed Mgr. plant & soil health facilities
TBA Personnel Mgr. Payroll
TBA sales & Marketing Mgr. Export sales local areas sales

Chief executive ranch mexico Operations

TBA VP Field Operations
TBA Purchasing Mgr. disbursing
TBA Annual Health Mgr. Animal R&D
TBA facilities Mgr. exports transportation
TBA technology Mgr. statistics Field tech oversight

Chief executives Restaurants & Stores
TBA VP Field Operations
TBA Finance US & Mexico
TBA Mgr. Food services
TBA Sup facilities payroll

Can you HELP me with this, I don't have any notes and I need your HELP in writing what I would say to the audience.

SLIDE #5 Legal Environment
My notes are: On Jan. 01, 2002 Mexico enacted a new income tax law. The law discriminates against small retailers and distributors that sell imported products the law subjects them to higher taxes.

My notes are: NAFTA eliminates most trade barriers. Progessively eliminates tariffs.

Dual taxation we will work around this through loans from parent company and other premium payments, i.e. counseling fees and other tax deductables.

With NAFTA - since 1994 there has been on tariff on beef trade between the US and Mexico.

Jan. 01, 2002 Mexico implemented article 303 which limits duty on drawbacks and duty deferral. This could prove advantages if we also export beef to japan.


Most Mexicans are unaware of the hormones and herbicides used in their food products.

We will continue to monitor their ethical beliefs and market our products accordingly.

Knowing that most Mexican families are religiously conservative with extended families at home we will ensure that our workers are paid on time with a fair family wage.

SLIDE #12 FEEDBACK ACCOUNTING AND CONTROL (this one I think I have alot of information for a short presentation, can you help me make this one shorter)

My notes: Seek all around feedback. Financial Audit. performance appraisals. Shareholders meetings (the 3 of us) Consistend review of our danger areas. Technology failure, business premises becoming unavailable, records review, poor field management, lack of supervision accountability and control errors in financial models and reports attempts to conceal losses our co-op partners, 3rd party fraud. Budget-based on inclusive expenditures list. each field managers budget request, purchase of co-op partners properties. Preview repatriation methods. Focus on proper recording of all assets. Dual books for both Mexican and US firms.All books will be reconciled in the US.

What I would like is for you to HELP me with my notes, so that when I have to stand in front of the class I can read them. Unfortunately, I panic every time I am in front of an audience. I will GREATLY appreciate your HELP.


The Mission Statement of our Company is to work together for the highest standard of beef and food supplies by using natural methods and not using any chemicals enhancement/hormones in our beef, vegetables and fruits.

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Please see the attached. Hope this helps.


Whenever I give a presentation, I usually state what is on my slides. I would only veer from the slides if I wanted to make a note of something that is not on the slides.

Notes: This is what I think of the following slides.

Slide #2 Org Chart

Start off by stating the what the Company provides and what the mission of the company is:

COMPANY NAME headquartered in CITY, STATE, (USA or MEXICO) provides beef, vegetables and fruits to produce companies, supermarkets, etc. throughout the US and Mexico. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of beef and food supplies by using natural methods. Our company does not use any chemical enhancements or hormones on any of our products.
COMPANY NAME is organized into 3 different sections or specialty areas:
1. Farm and Grain
2. Ranch
a. Both of which are for our operation facilities in Mexico, and
3. Restaurants and Stores - for our operations in the US and in Mexico

Each Department has a Chief Executive. Each of the VP and/or Managers in each area report to the appropriate Chief Executive.

If something is different or unique in one of the areas - you may want to point that out as well.

Slide #5

Leave slide as is.

Talk about how the new laws are affecting the company you are portraying. Is this company a small retailer and/or distributor? If so, state that because of the new law, your company now has to pay the higher tax. Is it affecting their profits? Talk of something of this nature.

Slide #6

I would change this slide - I'm not too sure what you are trying to say. Say some of that what is listed below - I think you are trying to say how these NAFTA laws are affecting your organization. Change slide to reflect what is in each numbered item and connect it to your ...

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