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    Bribery Transactions Case Study

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    Rumors may start from fact or fiction. When an executive overhears claims of bribery, there are swift actions which should occur to determine validity. Fact-finding should be conducted by a neutral party, such as human resources, to decipher if this was a case of employees gossiping, or whether the claims are valid. Once the facts are verified, consequences may be justified if employees were in the wrong.

    Tom is a chief executive officer at Jones International, Inc. Recently, Tom has overheard rumors about employees participating in bribery transactions to secure clients. Tom has not received direct or official notification about the claims of bribery. How should Tom respond to the rumors and why?

    The solution details how Tom should initiate a workplace investigation, to determine if these claims are factual.

    Rumors should not be dismissed as "gossip" when the claims are serious, such as bribery. At a minimum, there should be inquiries made to determine if the rumors are true or false.

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    As CEO, Tom should initiate a workplace investigation with the appropriate personnel. In most organizations, this would be managed by personnel within the Human Resource (HR) department. If Jones International, Inc. (Jones) has policies against bribery, there could be potential discipline or even termination of the employees; which is why it would be paramount to involve (HR). Depending on the nature of these bribery transaction, particularly if money was involved, if Jones has an auditing department, ...

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    If an executive hears rumors of employees engaging in bribery, what should be done? This case study looks at the scenario in how rumors should be addressed. Bribery can be a serious issue and should not be ignored; but rumors also should not be taken at face value. This solution is about 300 words and includes a reference, explaining how to conduct a workplace investigation to discern if there is truth in a rumor.