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Social Trends In Corporate Taxation

Current social trends in corporate taxation have a tremendous impact on how corporations run their business activities. For instance, tax liabilities will affect where a corporation runs its activities—in the United States or in a foreign country—and whether or not it elects to bring foreign earned cash back to the States. In recent years, the federal government has used foreign tax credits and tax holidays on repatriated earnings to encourage corporations to bring cash back to the United States. The idea is that this cash will stimulate economic growth in the form of more jobs and revenue for the American people; however, the success of these initiatives is a great source of controversy. Select one of the following current social trends relating to corporate taxes, and consider its impact on the corporate tax filer:

-Repatriation of earnings
-Paying taxes on repatriated earnings
-Computing tax credits to foreign countries after international consolidations
-Dividend deductions for U.S. corporations with foreign subsidiaries

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On December 15, 2010, President Obama was asked for a tax holiday on offshore earnings, which would allow the corporations to tap more than $1 trillion of earnings sitting in island tax havens. The money is sitting in corporation subsidiaries to avoid taxes instead of paying up to 35 percent if repatriated. There are a lot of ...

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The social trends in corporate taxation are examined. Repatriation of earnings are determined.