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    Methods for Generating Job Analysis Data and Information

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    Give examples of where each method would best fit the requirements of the situation, describe various methods for generating job analysis data and information. With the advent of word processing and computing capabilities, organizations can develop their own major activity and task inventories. What is the role of job analysis in this process?

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    In answering these questions it is first necessary to define the purpose of a job analysis so that a correlation between definition, methods and applicability can be established. The purpose of a job analysis is to identify and document the requirements, physical and/or intellectual, necessary for a particular job or job classification (job domain). Many job related, administrative functions are based upon an initial job analysis such as; performance criteria and evaluations, performance improvement/action plans, classification of a job domain and individual job descriptions, candidate selection processes, on-the-job training (OJT) programs and many times, salary and promotion criteria is directly tied to and established by job analysis production.

    Job analysis is frequently utilized as described above by both Corporate Psychologists and Human Resources departments. However, job analysis is also used by vocational rehabilitation professionals as well as the developers of many forms of job certification exams. While the vocational rehabilitation professional primarily ...

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    Job analysis can be conducted utilizing numerous methods. Usually, analyst's will enlist several of these methods simultaneously to capture as much information as possible from various sources.