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    Job Analysis Data and Information

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    Giving examples of where each method would best fit the requirements of the situation, describe various methods for generating job analysis data and information. With the advent of word processing and computing capabilities, organizations can develop their own major activity and task inventories. What is the role of job analysis in this process?

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    //Before understanding the concept of applications of human resources and other managerial functions, it is necessary to understand the 'Concept of Job Analysis' because it serves as a base in determining the details of training, qualification, skills, abilities etc. in the following manner.//

    Job Analysis Data


    Job analysis forms the basis for the majority of applications of human resource and other managerial functions. Job analysis consists of the formulation of job descriptions and job specifications. Under job analysis, the details of training, qualification, skills, abilities, experience and responsibilities etc. are maintained. To document the requirements of a job and the work performed is the common rationale of job analysis. Job and task analysis is carried out as a preliminary to successive actions, defining a job area, outlining a job description, forming performance appraisals, selection and promotion, training needs assessment, compensation, and organizational analysis/planning (Ganakar & Mamoria, 2002).

    // Above I have discussed the significance of the Job Analysis. To get more in depth knowledge, I am providing the various techniques used in generating Job Analysis Data that includes Personal Observation, Sending out Questionnaires, Maintenance of Log Records and personal interviews. All these are explained below: //

    Various methods for generating Job Analysis Data

    For identifying and hiring applicants, placement and training of new employees and establishment of wage rates for jobs, the data and information of job analysis are required. Job data on characteristics of the job, the aspired or needed qualifications and other requirements of employees should be gathered either from the employees who actually perform a job; or ...