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    Management Motivation and Emotional Intelligence

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    I need help answering these questions:
    1. Identify several factors that you think would be particularly effective in motivating managers and professionals. Explain your reasoning.
    2. What is emotional intelligence? Why does a leader to possess this trait, and not a take-charge individuals focused solely on getting results like profits and wins? What is an example of a leader with good emotional intelligence that you have personally experienced?

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    There are several factors that generally work very well in terms of motivation for managers. When companies offer incentive compensation based upon performance, it acts as a motivator. In this case, the manager has direct control over his/her performance and can work towards the additional compensation (incentive) provided. The key factor is "controllable." The company has to ensure that the incentive compensation is based upon factors that the manager can control. The manager in the purchasing department can control the costs and activities in that center but has little to no control over the company's net income or loss. Basing the production manager's incentive on the company's net income would be unrealistic.

    Another motivator is teamwork. Many professionals will work towards the greater good for the company simply because it is the justifiable means that will produce the most good. Essentially, by doing so, management is aware that it will ...

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    This solution discusses various factors that are motivators for managers and professionals. This solution also explains emotional intelligence and discusses the ways that emotional intelligence is successfully used in the business arena. The attitudes of management in regards to profits are discussed, and an example is provided of an employer that has adept emotional intelligence skills.