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    Lady Gaga:Successful strategies and performance diagnosis

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    Can you please help me with these two sets of questions? The documents attached with the details. Each response must be half page. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. What are your thoughts on the strategies employed by Lady Gaga as described in the Strategy Capsules in your text? Do they meet the criteria outlined the common elements in successful strategies? Why or why not?

    2. Do the ratios and metrics discussed in Chapter 2 (Performance Diagnosis Section) intimidate you? Which do you feel are most valuable and informative?

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    1. Lady Gaga's strategy has been successful and meets the criteria outlined in the common elements in successful strategies, as described in the text. Grant (2013) points out that Lady Gaga has developed clear, consistent long-term goals. Lady Gaga has established herself not just as a singer or songwriter but also as "a persona, which transcends pop music" (Grant, 2013). This has enabled her to become a brand, rather than just a musician depending upon the success of her next pop hit to remain in the public eye. By developing a business model based upon social media, Gaga has established this presence. She has also further broadened the thrust and identity of her brand by branching into other commercial enterprises: as Polaroid creative director, going on tour, and her involvement with product placement and merchandising. The case study states Lady Gaga has developed a business model, and taken action to follow this model. This action shows forethought in planning and the setting of goals.
    In addition, she appears to have a profound understanding of the competitive market. She is not relying copying others, instead she has boldly created her own image, mixing pop and dance. She appears to have surveyed the entertainment scene and ...

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    This detailed solution gives thoughts on the strategies employed by Lady Gaga in the case study and discusses if they meet the criteria outlined in the common elements in successful strategies.It also discusses if the ratios and metrics in Grant, M. R. (2013). Contemporary Strategy Analysis text are intimidating and why or why not.