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    A brief biography of Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Please provide a brief biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

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    Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born to a family of wealth and privilege in 1884. Preferring to go by her middle name, Eleanor had a difficult childhood. Not considered beautiful by societal standards, Eleanor was a disappointment to her mother, Anna, and their relationship was distant. Eleanor idolized her father, Elliott Roosevelt. Anna would die when Eleanor was only eight years old and Elliott two years later. Orphaned at ten, Eleanor went to live with her maternal grandmother.

    Painfully shy and insecure, Eleanor went to school in England as a teenager. Under the mentorship of the headmistress of the Allenswood Academy, Marie Souvestre, Eleanor began to blossom. Souvestre encouraged Eleanor to be self-confident and self-reliant. It was during her time with Souvestre that the seeds of Eleanor's greatness would be sown. Souvestre's mentorship of Eleanor, coupled with sincere affection between the two, allowed Eleanor to begin her journey to become a beloved First Lady, dedicated social activist, and powerful political ally (Gerber, 2002).

    At the age of seventeen, Eleanor reluctantly returned to the United States to be formally introduced to society. In 1903 Eleanor began to be courted by her distant cousin, Franklin Roosevelt. The two were married in 1905 and began to build a family and life together. While Eleanor's life with Franklin was not always happy and content, they did maintain a dynamic partnership that allowed both Eleanor and Franklin to flourish as leaders ...

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    This solution offers a brief biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. It covers some of her accomplishments as First Lady and touches briefly on her leadership.