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    Effective leaders

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    Effective leaders need to master the skills necessary to become knowledgeable teachers and successful coaches. Identify a leader within your organization and assess her/his skills as a teacher and a coach. Research the internet for examples of effective leaders who were described primarily as teachers or coaches. Summarize your findings and make sure to cite your references.

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    Successful leaders must develop a number of skills to become effective coaches. I am going to identify a leader that can be recognized as a teacher or coach. I want to stress that this leader is not an appropriate choice for your assignment, but might be used as one of your examples from your internet search. You also need an example from your personal your experience within your organization.

    Below is an excerpt from a paper on Maya Angelou. Angelou is renowned author, activist, speaker, and educator. She is an example of a transformational leader. Transformational leaders assist followers in reaching a higher level of commitment, dedication, and achievement. How do they do this? Much of this is done through teaching and coaching. These types of leaders encourage followers by being excellent role-models and being able to cut through to the heart of the matter. One of the strongest skills these types of leaders have is emotional intelligence. Additional leaders that could be considered a coach or teacher is Eleanor Roosevelt or Mabelle Arole. You might consider researching both leaders to find out more about their lives. Eleanor Roosevelt was also a passionate activist and defender of the poor. She tried to change the lives of the less fortunate be educating others. As well as Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt inspired generations of women. In ...

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    This solution discusses the skills necessary for an effective leader to be successful as a teacher or coach. The solution also provides examples of leaders known as teachers or coaches.