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    Internet sectors, companies, aging, American products abroad

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    In what sectors of the economy is the Internet likely to have the greatest impact? Name some companies in these sectors.

    What types of companies are most likely to benefit from the aging of the American population and why? Name a few companies that would qualify.

    Name some other companies that you believe will prosper in the future and provide your reasons.

    What will be the characteristics of countries that are the most likely to become good customers for American products? Name some countries that seem to fit these characteristics.

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    1. Sectors: Retail, the Internet offers companies and individuals the opportunity to attract customers and sell to them, even when they are not available on ground in a widespread geographical areas. Sharper Image is not available in my area, but I can go online and buy from them. Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms
    Shipping: Because people can buy from home, there will be increased need for a way to get the ...

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